Austin City Council adopted a resolution to become carbon neutral as soon as feasible, but no later than 2050. This is one of the most ambitious goals set by a city in the world and we are going to help with the development of the framework how to get there, and write up sector plan on what energy, waste, transportation and manufacturing sectors have to offer to make this a reality.


FEAT, the Faith based Energy Action Team is bringing together houses of worship to promote climate stewardship and advocacy at their facilities, with their members and other organizations around town.

Our mission: Climate Buddies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that wants to empower people to include climate change considerations into every decision they make. We focus on live interaction with groups of people, for-profits, spiritual groups, public and academia. We focus on people, inspiration, guidance and are result driven. Anyone who wants to start to integrate climate considerations in decision making is welcome to join us or invite us for collaboration.

Our invitation to you: meeting the global energy and climate challenges

  • If you could work on meeting the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced, would you?
  • Would it surprise you to know that the climate and oceanic systems have been so perturbed by the massive burning of fossil fuels that the very continuation of human civilization is threatened?
  • Do you yearn to be able to say to your grandchildren, and theirs – and everyone else’s – that you did your part to leave the earth in a healthier condition than when you were born into it?
  • Many suspect that the time left to return the earth to a healthy, resilient condition capable of sustaining human civilization is short. The climate recovery challenge is in fact an energy issue, a challenge to increase both the energy available to power essential services and to make affordable, renewable energy accessible to all.
  • We must and can increase the supply of energy available while reducing the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy generation to near-zero rates.

Understanding these premises, we must have the courage to yearn for a credible possibility that each of us, and billions of others like us from all over the world, will become true caretakers for the earth – our planet that has given life to our kind; the creation which protects and nourishes us even in its injured state.

We believe in a world where if we take care of the earth, we can take care of the people. The economy is facilitating in this, not the starting point, just the result.

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8 months ago

Climate hero's of the oceans: If whales were allowed to return to their pre-whaling numbers—capturing 1.7 billion tons of CO2 annually, more than the total emissions of Brasil.

Coordinating the ... See more

8 months ago
Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds

One-fifth of the world’s countries are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing because of the destruction of wildlife and their habitats.

Countries including Australia, Israel and South Africa ... See more

Trillions of dollars of GDP depend on biodiversity, according to Swiss Re report

8 months ago

NextEra Energy Inc., a utility focused on wind and solar and other renewable energy sources, last week became the largest publicly traded energy company in the U.S., with a $148 billion market ... See more

8 months ago
FERC has legal authority to implement a carbon price, experts tell commissioners

Pricing carbon pollution from electricity: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission does have the legal authority to implement a carbon price, legal experts agreed during a Wednesday technical ... See more

Panelists did not reach consensus on whether a price could be unilaterally implemented during FERC's first-ever carbon pricing technical conference.

8 months ago
Drawa Rainforest Carbon Offsets - Fiji

Pascual Pérez lives in the Tronconada community near the municipality of Salto de Agua Chiapas. He's been a Scolel´te participant since 2007, and now he also promotes the program to others and is ... See more

For more information on the Drawa Rainforest Conservation Project please go to: http://www.ekos.org.nz/drawa-project-summary.html or http://www.nakau.org/pro...

9 months ago
Austin Climate Equity Plan Steering Committee Panel

Climate Equity Plan Steering Committee Panel.

Thu, September 24, 2020

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM MDT

Online Event

A panel discussion with the Climate Equity Plan Steering Committee. Un panel de ... See more

A panel discussion with the Climate Equity Plan Steering Committee. Un panel de discusión para destacar a miembros de nuestra comunidad.

9 months ago
What Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Mean for Global Warming

President Trump has made dismantling federal climate policies a centerpiece of his administration. Those rollbacks add up to a lot more planet-warming emissions. They are expected to result in an ... See more

A handful of major climate rules reversed or weakened under Mr. Trump will have a big effect on future emissions.

9 months ago
Product | Loop

This mycellium coffin is a living mushroom, and now you can become one with nature and let your body be a source for new life, after life. The first coffin has hit the ground last weekend.

World's first living coffin | 's Werelds eerste levende doodskist. The Loop Cocoon

9 months ago
Conservation Action Fund - Rainforest Trust Saves Rainforest

Buy some land, we need more nature.

Consider donating to the Rainforest Trust. Whether it is preserving the Amazon and the way of life for indigenous people, purchasing rainforest in Borneo to ... See more

Stop Deforestation – Protect Rainforests, Species, Communities and our Planet. Every day, precious acres of rainforest are lost forever. Highly threatened species lose their habitat. Communities ... See more

9 months ago

Latest UN Report: CO2 levels continue to rise under COVID. We must change our consumption patterns.

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