Thank you!

Thank you for supporting Climate Buddies by becoming a member and sharing that with us and the world. We have a lot of work to do and are looking forward to your contribution. Let us know where we can help you best. We will make sure that your time and effort is well spent, with clear results in a social environment. Your support helps us tremendously in getting buy in from other people and groups in keeping us fired up to do much more. Welcome to our community!

You can get started right away by looking at our calender list on our blog and the other parts of our website, for example our interfaith program for houses of worship and our carbon diet for households. We are looking forward to meeting you.

On behalf of all our other members and the board,

Joep Meijer, Co-Founder and Chair

P.S. You can do us a real favor if you invite your friends to do the same. Feel free to forward the following link via email, Facebook, Twitter or other media: Thank you!