Austin’s ZERO Climate Impact plan

April 14th, 2014 | Posted by Joep in Action | Carbon Positive | Our Future | Policy | Victory Scenario

Austin City Council adopted a resolution on April 10, 2014 to become carbon neutral as soon as feasible, but no later than 2050. This is one of the most ambitious goals ever set by a city in the world and we are going to help with the development of the framework how to get there, and write up sector plan on what energy, waste, transportation and manufacturing sectors have to offer to make this a reality.

We did it! As Council member Chris Riley said during the press conference on April 11th, 2014: “Big thanks to all the environmental community leaders who joined us at City Hall today in support of the Climate Protection Plan! This initiative re-establishes Austin as a world leader on climate change with the goal of zero net emissions by 2050. I’m proud to have sponsored this resolution, and look forward to working with the community to make this vision a reality”.

Austin passed a resolution saying: “The City Council establishes a goal of reaching net zero community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and prefers to achieve this goal as soon as it is feasible. The City Council also recognizes that emissions reductions accomplished sooner are more important and valuable for our city’s climate protection efforts.

This means that all organizations and all people will have to be part of a community wide effort to get to Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions as soon as we can.

We at Climate Buddies have worked with council to create the political will and the drafting of the resolution, but we could not have done it without the council members that sponsored the resolution Chris Riley, Sheryl Cole and Bill Spelman and the votes of Mike Martinez, Laura Morrison and Kathy Tovo, and the help of the environmental community of the Adaptation International, the Austin EcoNetwork, Environment Texas, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, Texas Drougth Project and Stefan Wary. We want to thank Lucia Athens, the Chief Sustainability  Office of the City of Austin and Zach Baumer the Austin Climate Protection Plan manager for their help in being instrumental in getting  the support of all the City stakeholders.

Now it is up to you, us, the community to help make this ambition a reality.

The full text of the resolution can be read here

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