What is 350 ppm?

A concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere of 350ppm is considered “safe” with not too much irreversible changes. Below you will find an article from Bill McKibben about some more numbers that is a must read. The only conclusion that we can make is that we have to switch to using renewables energy fast, and leave oil, gas and coal in the ground. You will also find a video of his speech at the UT school of Journalism in the fall of 2012. But first: where are we at compared to the goal of 350ppm? The graph below show you that we are out of bounce. The article and video will show you that we need to act and do it quickly. And we can. The US has more than 100x more renewables energy available that we can harvest with current technologies than we use every year. So there is enough. The amount of money that we need to make this transition is the same amount of money that we spend on importing oil. so we can do it with the same budget that we are spending today on fossil fuels. Now we just need to do it. Are you in?

Atmospheric CO2 data and trend

Call to action

350.org founder, environmental activist and author, Bill McKibben spoke at the University of Texas at Austin on the moral issues of climate change. Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe;  2° Celsius – 565 Gigatons – 2,795 Gigatons. Read his article published  July 19, 2012, Rolling Stone Magazine and republished on our blog.