Visualization is a powerful tool to communicate  data. We have some stunning graphs for you.

If you want to see where we are today, where we are going and how much time we have left to change our ways, read this chart from ‘Information is beautiful’ and commit yourself to change. It looks pretty, but it is not painting a pretty story.

We are here to help. We can do this. Get involved. Scroll down to see a visualization of our victory scenario: abundant renewable energy! There is enough sun that lands on earth to power the world in 6 hours. The wind resource is also bigger than the world energy economy. And the good news: it is perpetual, we will never run out (give or take a couple billion years).

Where all our greenhouse gas emissions are coming from is also explained.











“Comparing finite and renewable planetary energy reserves (Terawatt‐years). Total recoverable reserves are shown for the finite resources. Yearly potential is shown for the renewables.” (Source:Perez, R. and M. Perez, (2009a): A fundamental look at energy reserves for the planet. The IEA SHC
Solar Update, Volume 50, pp. 2‐3, April 2009).