If you would like to help us do our work and make a tax deductible donation, you can!

Send your check to

Climate Buddies
4002 Edgerock Drive
Austin, TX 78731 USA



In January, 2014, members of WildEarth, the Wildflower Climate Action Team that is part of the Austin based Wildflower Church, presented Climate Buddies with a check from Wildflower’s second offering. The Wildflower Climate Action Team is dedicated to addressing the problem of climate change by any means that we can, including by educating ourselves and others on climate change and related issues; by encouraging responsible actions on the part of our congregation to lessen our collective carbon footprint; and by supporting climate-change actions in the larger community. Their contribution was handed to us at the end of the Interfaith Environmental Network monthly forum in January of 2014. Thank you!

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