We are always looking for people to help us with our projects. We have not solved all climate change related issues just yet!
Currently we are looking for members that are willing to help us with the projects listed below.


Project: Public relations and marketing coordinator
Climate Buddy board member to contact: Joep Meijer 512-669-2305  or joep.meijer@climatebuddies.org

Need: A coordinator that will take care of our social media messages, our press releases etc. messaging to our members and groups that we work with.
Time: between 4 and 8 hrs per week


Project: Energy Action Team
Climate Buddy board member to contact: Patty Stephens 512-627-2206 or info@climatebuddies.org
More information about the program can be read here

Need: Program coordinator to organize meetings with willing groups and organizations to give serious attention to climate change
Time: between 2 and 6 hrs per week


Project: Carbon Diet program

Climate Buddy board member to contact: Joep Meijer 512-669-2305  or joep.meijer@climatebuddies.org
More information about the program can be read here

Need: Group leaders that want to take groups on 8-12 households through 4 meetings to loose 5000 lbs
Time: Training once, then based on # groups, 2 to 4 meetings per month

Need: Program coordinator to develop and grow the program to 1000 households per year.

Time: 12-16 hrs per week Filled!