Texas Climate Alliance


The Texas Climate Alliance is envisioned as an association of non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals that have common goals with regard to climate change and global warming. We believe there is moral strength in associating with same-valued people, intellectual strength in open information sharing, and political strength in advocating like causes.


The goals of the Texas Climate Alliance include empowering everyone to:

  • Understand how large the local climate change movement has grown and who the participants are.
  • Develop camaraderie among the participants.
  • Share information, resources, skills and programmatic synergy.
  • Support each other’s climate change causes.

Join us

To join, just send us your organization name and a point of contact. There are no financial or other commitments other than to contribute as an active member to advance our goals. This Alliance aims to be open and painless, but at the same time productive and powerful. Please send an email to greg.choban@climatebuddies.org if you have questions and/or want to join. We will maintain a list of Alliance members below.


We plan to start a newsletter in the near future. This newsletter will discuss upcoming local Austin and Texas climate-related events as well as climate-relevant open meetings of organizations such as the Austin City Council, Austin Energy, Public Utility Commission and the Resource Management Commission.


Austin Beyond Coal


Citizens Climate Lobby


Climate Buddies





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