Can you recycle chip bags Montreal?

What Cannot be recycled Montreal?


  • The blue and black plastic trays cannot be recycled. …
  • CD cases are made out of a plastic which cannot be recycled, but some retailers have specialized recycling programs for them. …
  • Disposal diapers cannot be recycled. …
  • Flyers can be recycled but they need to be taken out of the plastic bag.

What goes in recycle bin Montreal?

Acceptable materials

  • Cardboard packages (for eggs, cereals, facial tissues), cardboard tubes and rolls (toilet paper and paper towels), brown paper bags.
  • Cartons: milk cartons, juice boxes and other containers for liquids, frozen food boxes.
  • Flattened cardboard boxes attached in bundles, maximum weight 25 kg.

Are Ziploc bags recyclable in Quebec?

Plastics: Plastic bags are recyclable, but have to be put into a “bag of bags” with a knotted handle to make sorting easier.

What plastic is not recyclable in Quebec?

Plastic containers, microwaveable trays. Yoghurt containers, foam trays, hamburger boxes and egg cartons, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronic goods and toys. Currently this type of plastic is not recycled in Quebec. OTHER: Any other plastics that do not fall into any of the above categories.

Are chip bags recyclable in Quebec?

Soft plastic

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Soiled plastic film • Cereal or cracker bags (waxed) • Chip and snack bags (greasy) • Compostable plastic bags • Stretch wrap (pâté, meat, cheese, etc.) Pool covers, awnings, etc.

Are chip bags recyclable?

Snack Bags Are Recycling Contaminants

The shiny lining in chip bags is often aluminum or a special mixed plastic. Since recycling plants cannot separate the plastic outer layer from the aluminum inner layer, these mixed-material bags cannot be recycled.

Are plastic milk bags recyclable?

This item is recyclable. Put this item in your recycling (blue) cart or a transparent clear or blue-tinted plastic bag.

How do I get a recycling bin in Montreal?

Get a bin

  1. 67-litre Montréal bin: go to the Accès Montréal office or the eco-quartier (call to check if inventory available).
  2. Other fromats: Contact 311.

Can you recycle pizza boxes in Montreal?

If a soiled pizza box does get into a recycling container it can cause the entire lot to be diverted to landfill, so if you don’t have a city composting program (ahem, Montreal!!), throw the pizza box in the garbage.

Can you recycle pizza boxes?

Pizza boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, and when soiled with cheese, grease and other foods – they become a recycling no-go. Only clean paper can be made into new products. … These items are not recyclable when they are soiled with food, liquid or other contaminants.