Frequent question: How might the effect of global climate change on the ocean alter the ocean conveyor belt?

How does global climate change affect ocean currents?

As greenhouse gases trap more energy from the sun, the oceans are absorbing more heat, resulting in an increase in sea surface temperatures and rising sea level. Changes in ocean temperatures and currents brought about by climate change will lead to alterations in climate patterns around the world.

How does climate change affect the ocean quizlet?

How does climate change affect earth’s oceans? The pH level of the ocean will shift to a more acidic environment, leading to stress and the possible extinction of many species of shellfish and corals.

How does global warming affect the global conveyor belt?

Global climate change could disrupt the global conveyer belt, causing potentially drastic temperature changes in Europe and even worldwide. … This sequence of events could slow or even stop the conveyor belt, which could result in potentially drastic temperature changes in Europe.

How does the ability of the ocean to absorb carbon dioxide affect global temperatures?

Greenhouse warming doesn’t happen right away because the ocean soaks up heat. This means that Earth’s temperature will increase at least another 0.6 degrees Celsius (1 degree Fahrenheit) because of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

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How does warming of the ocean affect sea level quizlet?

Sea levels are rising due to increased temperatures causing water to expand and ice to melt which then runs off into the seas. The oceans absorb carbon dioxide and this makes them slightly acidic. As they warm they absorb less carbon dioxide which is a problem for marine life.

What is the overall effect of the oceans on Earth’s climate quizlet?

a) As ocean surface temperatures increase, the energy transferred to the atmosphere increases air temperatures. There is a lag time as the heat capacity of oceans release heat slowly. Land areas closest to the ocean receive more mild temperatures than areas farther inland.

How do greenhouse gases cause climate warming quizlet?

⦁ The warm surface of the Earth gives off infrared waves. Greenhouse gases block many of these infrared waves, keeping them inside our atmosphere and heating up the Earth. … When snow melts, the darker exposed surface of the earth absorbs more sunlight, causing the Earth to heat up.