Frequent question: What is meant by trophic level in an ecosystem?

What does trophic level mean?

The trophic level describes the level a specific organism occupies in a food chain. … A food chain represents a series of different organisms that eat one another. Those on lower trophic levels in a food chain are eaten by those in higher levels.

What is meant by trophic level class 10?

Hint: The trophic level is the step or level included in a food chain. It denotes the number of steps the organism is from the start of the chain. … There are 4 trophic levels it includes producers, herbivores (primary consumers), carnivores (secondary consumers), predators (tertiary consumers).

What is trophic level class 9?

Answer: Explanation: In a food chain, trophic levels are defined as the number of steps that are followed by one another in the process of energy flow and are also dependent on each other for food.

What is a trophic level answer?

Trophic level (feeding level) describes the categories of organisms in a community, and the position of an organism in a food chain, defined by the organism’s source of energy; includes producers (a photosythetic organism i.e. plants), primary consumers (an organism that feeds on producers; an herbivore), secondary …

Is Decomposer a trophic level?

A separate trophic level, the decomposers or transformers, consists of organisms such as bacteria and fungi that break down dead organisms and waste materials into nutrients usable by the producers.

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What is a trophic level quizlet?

Trophic Level. A set of species occupying one level of the ecological food chain. Primary Producers. Lowest organisms on food chain which can create their own energy from energy like sunlight and molecules like carbon dioxide.

How do you know what trophic level you are?

Trophic Index and Efficiency

Trophic level is defined as the position of an organism in the food chain and ranges from a value of 1 for primary producers to 5 for marine mammals and humans. The method to determine the trophic level of a consumer is to add one level to the mean trophic level of its prey.