How do ocean currents affect climate class 7?

How do oceans affect climate Short answer?

The oceans influence climate by absorbing solar radiation and releasing heat needed to drive the atmospheric circulation, by releasing aerosols that influence cloud cover, by emitting most of the water that falls on land as rain, by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it for years to millions of …

How does ocean currents and pressure affect climate?

The Surface currents of the ocean bring the cold water back to the equator whereas the Deep water currents carry warm water towards the poles. The difference in temperatures between the two currents is reduced by winds and rainfall.

How does ocean currents affect the climate of India?

Warm ocean surface currents cause locations to have warmer, wetter climates. Cold ocean surface currents cause locations to have cooler, drier climates. In India, the warm Somali Current is driven by seasonal monsoon winds and is stronger in the summer than the winter.

How do ocean currents affect climate quizlet?

A warm ocean current that flows toward the poles results in warm air masses that move over land that the current flows past. This causes the climate of that land area to be warmer than it would be otherwise. A cold ocean current that flows toward the equator results in cold air masses affecting the nearby land.

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How do ocean currents affect climate of coastal regions?

Warm and cold ocean currents can affect the climate of coastal regions, but only when local winds blow in from the sea. Warm currents heat the air over the ocean and bring higher temperatures over land. Cold currents can lower air temperatures and can bring colder temperatures over land.

Do ocean currents influence many marine climates?

Many marine climates are also influenced by ocean currents. The main factors that affect precipitation are prevailing winds, the presence of mountains, and seasonal winds. A mountain range in the path of prevailing winds influences where precipitation falls.

What is the effect of these currents on Earth’s temperatures?

This heat is transported by ocean currents. In this way, the ocean currents help regulate Earth’s climate by facilitating the transfer of heat from warm tropical areas to colder areas near the poles. The global wind patterns cause the surface currents to form in the uppers layer of the ocean.

What causes winds and ocean currents that affect climate?

Ocean and wind currents are formed by a process known as convection. Both convection and pressure affect the flow of water and air. As air and water currents move from one area to another, they affect the general climate of the area they are moving into.

How do ocean currents influence climate provide at least three examples?

Ocean currents influence climate because the currents are major redistributors of heat and energy throughout the globe. Warm currents such as the Gulf Stream cause regions that would normally be cold to be warmer. For example, New York is warm for its latitude. … Cold currents also increase the aridity of an area.

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