How does landfill decompose?

What do landfills do to the ground?

Although landfills are designed simply to contain the trash, some of it will decompose over time. The decomposition process produces methane, a dangerous and flammable gas. In modern landfills, the methane is collected in pipes so that it can be vented, burned, or even used as an energy source.

What happens at landfills?

Waste decomposes in a landfill. Decomposition means that those chemical bonds that hold material together disintegrate and the material breaks down into simpler substances. Biological decomposition can be hastened or delayed depending on the amount of oxygen, temperature, and moisture available.

Do landfills biodegrade?

Reality: Nothing biodegrades in a landfill because nothing is supposed to. Organic matter “biodegrades” when it is broken down by other living organisms (such as enzymes and microbes) into its basic components, and in turn, these molecules are recycled by nature into the building blocks for new life.

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