Question: What are large areas that have similar climate plant life and animals?

What are the large areas around the world with similar climates plants and animals called?

Regions of similar climate and dominant plant types are called biomes. This chapter describes some of the major terrestrial biomes in the world; tropical forests, savannas, deserts, temperate grasslands, temperate deciduous forests, Mediterranean scrub, coniferous forests, and tundra (Figure 4).

What is a large area with similar climate?

What is a biome? A large area with similar climate and soil conditions.

What are large geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems?

Biomes– Large Geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems; includes tundra, taiga, desert, temperate deciduous forest, temperate rainforest, tropical rain forest, and grasslands.

What is large geographic areas that have similar climate and ecosystem called?

Within the biosphere there are large geographic regions of similar climates and a characteristic set of organisms adapted to that climate, which are known as biomes. … Groups of similar ecosystems make up individual biomes.

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What word means an area with similar climate?

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Biome. large geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems (i.e.: desert, tundra, etc.)

What is a geographical area described by its climate plants and animals?

What is a Biome? Biomes are large regions characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities. The climate and geography of a region determines what type of biome can exist in that region. Each biome is made up of many individual ecosystems.

What large region contains similar ecosystems?

Ecosystems that share similar characteristics of climate and vegetation can be grouped together to form regional-scale regions known as biomes. These biomes include Earth’s tropical and temperate forests, savannahs and scrublands, grasslands, deserts, tundra, and oceans.

Why does tropical forest have a large variety of plant and animal?

Climate: because rainforests are located in tropical regions, they receive a lot of sunlight. … Since there is a lot of sunlight, there is a lot of energy in the rainforest. This energy is stored in plant vegetation, which is eaten by animals. The abundance of energy supports an abundance of plant and animal species.

Why are a large variety of animal found in tropical rainforest?

Solution: The tropical rainforest has a large population of animals due to favourable climatic conditions and easy availability of different kinds of foods. These regions are hot and humid with ample rainfall which supports the growth of animals and plants.

Why does tropical rain forests contain a large variety of plants and animals?

Tropical rain forests are warm and wet, and the temperature does not vary much. Because of this, a huge variety of plants can live in tropical rain forests. Because there are so many kinds of plants, there are habitats for many different kinds of animals as well.

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