Question: What is law for proper waste disposal?

Which law says proper disposal of waste in industry?

The Environmental Protection Act

Section 9 of the Act states that if any event takes place which harms the environment through any foreseen or unforeseen event, the person responsible for the harm is duty bound to prevent or alleviate the pollutant, discharged as a result of such event.

What are the rules and regulations for waste disposal?

The new rules have mandated the source segregation of waste in order to channelise the waste to wealth by recovery, reuse and recycle. Waste generators would now have to now segregate waste into three streams- Biodegradables, Dry (Plastic, Paper, metal, Wood, etc.)

What are the proper waste disposal procedures?

There are four tiers to waste management to reduce its environmental impact: pollution prevention and source reduction; reuse or redistribution of unwanted, surplus materials; treatment, reclamation, and recycling of materials within the waste; and disposal through incineration, treatment, or land burial.

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What are the laws that cover the waste management program?

RA 9003 declares the policy of the state in adopting a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program that ensures the protection of public health and the environment and the proper segregation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste through the formulation and …

What is RA 6969 all about?


What is the Republic Act 9003?

9003. An act providing for an ecological solid waste management program, creating the necessary institutional mechanisms and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties, appropriating funds therefor, and for other pruposes.

What are rule regulation and guidelines given for disposal of hazardous waste?

Importance of Proper Hazardous Waste Management

The hazardous waste can be disposed at captive treatment facility installed by the individual waste generators or at Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs).

What is waste management under environmental law?

Waste laws are generally designed to minimize or eliminate the uncontrolled dispersal of waste materials into the environment in a manner that may cause ecological or biological harm, and include laws designed to reduce the generation of waste and promote or mandate waste recycling.

Under which rule of government guidelines for solid waste management are followed?

5. Under which rule of Government, guidelines for solid waste management are followed today? Explanation: At present, we have to follow the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. This new rule was notified on 8th April 2016 and it supersedes the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000.

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How important is proper waste disposal?

Proper waste disposal is beneficial to the environment. Without it, the land and its underlying resources are prone to contamination. … Removal of wastes from public areas also contributes to the lessening of risks to overall health, reduces infestation of pests, and decreases exposure to biological hazards.

Why must waste be disposed of correctly?

Many hazardous wastes create an immediate health hazard to anyone who may come into contact with them. This can be a chemical byproduct or a contaminated solid, or anything in between. … If a hazardous waste is not properly disposed, it can easily enter the environment at an undesirable rate.

What are the proper procedures or safety precautions that you should do when disposing of contaminated and uncontaminated broken glasswares?

Glassware must not be disposed of with normal trash. Building Services Personnel and others have been injured when carrying trash bags with broken glassware in them. Laboratory glass that is disposed of in cardboard boxes must be appropriately decontaminated, where necessary, prior to disposal.