Question: Where does Pakistan stands with respect to climate change?

Where does the Pakistan stand in terms of global warming contributors?

Pakistan contributes less than 1 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases blamed for causing global warming, yet its 200 million people are among the world’s most vulnerable victims of the growing consequences of climate change.

Is Pakistan vulnerable to climate change?

Pakistan 5th most vulnerable country to climate change, reveals Germanwatch report. … The Global Climate Risk Index has placed Pakistan on the fifth spot on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change in its annual report for 2020, which was released by the think-tank Germanwatch on Wednesday.

How climate change affects Pakistan’s economy?

The global climate change has already impacted the economy of Pakistan in the form of increasing frequency of floods and droughts, low crop yields, irregular weather patterns, less availability of fresh water and the loss of biodiversity.

Why is Pakistan so vulnerable to climate change?

Pakistan is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its geographic location, high dependence on agriculture and water resources, low adaptive capacity of its people, and weak system of emergency preparedness.

How might global warming affect Pakistan?

Global warming has affected the climate of Pakistan in the form of melting of glaciers, recurrent flooding, and droughts. … The droughts in these areas have reduced the river flows, resulting in drying up of the irrigation canals, leading to a severe agricultural deprivation.

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What are the major climate zone of Pakistan?

The climate of Pakistan is divided into four main climatic regions or zones i.e. Highland Climate, Low land Climate, Desert/Arid Climate, Coastal/Maritime Climate.