Quick Answer: What is the relation between habitat diversity and species diversity quizlet?

Why is habitat diversity important to maintaining species diversity?

A larger number of plant species means a greater variety of crops. Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms. Healthy ecosystems can better withstand and recover from a variety of disasters.

What community measure does Shannon’s index quantify group of answer choices?

Question: How do we measure diversity? Methods: The Shannon diversity index (H) is another index that is commonly used to characterize species diversity in a community. Like Simpson’s index, Shannon’s index accounts for both abundance and evenness of the species present.

How are species diversity and ecosystem diversity related quizlet?

Species diversity is the number or variety of species in the world or in a particular region. Ecosystem diversity is the number or variety of ecosystems within a particular area. You just studied 10 terms!

What is habitat diversity?

Habitat diversity refers to the range of habitats present in a region.

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How species diversity might be affected by habitat diversity?

The habitat diversity effect states that as habitat area increases, the variability of structures within the habitat is likely to increase and therefore support a greater variety of species.

How is the species diversity related to the environmental condition of the species?

Increased genetic diversity leads to increased chance of species survival. Species with a limited variety of phenotypes and where all members of the species are similar to one another have a smaller chance of coping with environmental variability compared to a species with greater diversity.

What is the relationship of the given numbers of species and species diversity?

Species diversity is a measure of community complexity. It is a function of both the number of different species in the community (species richness) and their relative abundances (species evenness). Larger numbers of species and more even abundances of species lead to higher species diversity.

Does a higher Shannon index mean more diversity?

The higher the value of H, the higher the diversity of species in a particular community. The lower the value of H, the lower the diversity. A value of H = 0 indicates a community that only has one species. The Shannon Equitability Index is a way to measure the evenness of species in a community.

Does a higher value of our diversity index mean the site is more diverse or less diverse?

Simpson’s Diversity Index is a measure of diversity which takes into account the number of species present, as well as the relative abundance of each species. As species richness and evenness increase, so diversity increases.

Simpson’s Diversity Index.

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Species Number (n) n(n-1)
Total 15 64
N = 15 n(n-1) = 64

What is the difference between diversity within a species and diversity between other species?

Genetic Diversity is the diversity of genetic characteristics (expressed or recessive) within a species (i.e. between individuals and populations of the same species). … Species Diversity is simply the number and relative abundance of species found in a given biological organisation (population, ecosystem, Earth).

What is the difference between a habitat and an ecosystem quizlet?

A habitat is where a organism lives, an ecosystem is the interaction of living and non-living things. … A population is all the members within an ecosystem and a community is where different species interact in a specific ecosystem.