What are the 2 least productive types of ecosystems?

Which ecosystem is least productive?

Least productive ecosystem is desert and deep lake.

What 3 ecosystems have the lowest productivity?

The biomes with the lowest levels of primary productivity include deserts, the tundra, the open ocean, and the lakes and streams biome.

Is Desert a least productive ecosystem?

Very low productivity is present in deserts and arctic regions. In oceans and other aquatic ecosystems, productivity is limited by light as it decreases with depth. But on a global basis, aquatic ecosystems occupy more space on earth than any other biome and have good productivity in surface layers, which are euphotic.

Which is correct least productive ecosystem is desert and deep lake?

In an ecosystem, the productivity is the rate of generation of biomass in the given ecosystem in a given time. The least productive ecosystems are deserts and deep lakes.

What are the 3 most productive and 3 least productive ecosystems?

The two most productive are estuaries, swamps and marshes, and tropical rain forests. The two least productive are open ocean, tundra, and desert.

Which is the most productive ecosystem?

Tropical rainforests show the highest productivity in terrestrial ecosystems.

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Is Coral Reef a least productive ecosystem?

In oceans, there are lots of nutrients but no sufficient sunlight is available in deep areas hence, oceans have least productivity. Grasslands are less productive ecosystem with annual productivity of 200-100gm/m2. Maximum productivity can be seen in coral reefs followed by estuaries.

Is Deep Sea a productive ecosystem?

Upwelling. The most productive waters of the world are in regions of upwelling. Upwelling in coastal waters brings nutrients toward the surface. Phytoplankton reproduce rapidly in these conditions, and grazing zooplankton also multiply and provide abundant food supplies for nekton.

Is Deep Sea least productive ecosystem?

-Oceans contain lots of nutrients but they have no sufficient sunlight reaching in the deep areas, therefore, oceans have the least productivity among all ecosystems. The average productivity of an ocean ecosystem is about 50 grams of carbon per square meter per year.

Which of the following is the most productive Agroecosystem?

Agroecosystem in Croton-on-Hudson, New York in Westchester County. Intercropped tomatoes, basil, peppers and eggplants.