What are the best seats at climate pledge Arena?

How many luxury suites will the Climate Pledge Arena have?

The arena features 40 luxury sideline suites and 19 Tunnel club suites with interiors designed by David Rockwell. Crews set up the stage for the Coldplay concert.

How much does Climate Pledge Arena cost?

Climate Pledge Arena

Construction cost $7 million (1962) ($61.2 million in 2020 dollars) $74.5 million (1995) ($130 million in 2020 dollars) $1.15 billion (2021)
Architect Paul A. Thiry (1962) NBBJ (1995) Populous (2021)
Project manager CAA ICON (2021)

Who owns the climate pledge Arena?

Seattle Arena Company, operates Climate Pledge Arena and is a division of Oak View Group (OVG). OVG is a global leader in sports and entertainment and was founded in 2015 by two of the most influential people in the sports and entertainment business over the past 40 years, Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff.

What is the name of the Seattle Kraken Arena?

Will the Storm play in Climate Pledge Arena?

The NHL’s Seattle Kraken will play their first home game of the new season at the new Climate Pledge Arena on Saturday. The WNBA’s Seattle Storm will play there as well next season.

Is Seattle building a new arena?

The original arena was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, which also saw the construction of Seattle’s Space Needle and its monorail line.

Climate Pledge Arena at a glance.

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Project developer Oak View Group
Opening date Oct. 2021

Is Climate Pledge Arena underground?

Unlike most arenas where fans entering at street level head up escalators to their seats, Climate Pledge’s entrances start at the highest seating sections. Everything else is below ground, though the natural light eliminates any tomblike feel.