What important element is being recycled in photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

Which elements of life are recycled by photosynthesis and respiration?

Carbon and oxygen cycle come out of the air as carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and are returned during respiration. Oxygen is produced from water during photosynthesis and combines with the hydrogen to form water during respiration.

What do photosynthesis and cellular respiration have in common?

The two processes are similar in that they both produce energy, albeit in two different forms. … The win-win of the two processes is that they both provide each other with the necessary ingredients for the process to take place: glucose and oxygen for cellular respiration, carbon dioxide and water for photosynthesis.

What molecules are recycled in cellular respiration and photosynthesis quizlet?

a. Explain how the metabolic processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis recycle oxygen. – Cellular respiration gives CO2 which contains oxygen and is used by plants in photosynthesis to make oxygen. – Oxygen is recycled again and again during these processes,.

What element is essential for cellular respiration?

Oxygen and glucose are both reactants in the process of cellular respiration. The main product of cellular respiration is ATP; waste products include carbon dioxide and water.

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What are the three elements in photosynthesis and respiration?

Photosynthesis involves the use of energy from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen. Cellular respiration uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water.

What is more important photosynthesis or cellular respiration?

Photosynthesis serves as the primary source of energy in plants while cellular respiration breaks down the glucose in the cell to provide energy to carry out life processes.

Which molecules are recycled within the chloroplast?

The four substances recycled during photosynthesis and respiration are: carbon dioxide (CO2), which is emitted as waste in cellular respiration and used by plants to make glucose, oxygen (O2), which is emitted as waste by plants and taken in by animals to allow cellular respiration to proceed, glucose (C6H12O6), which …