What is a complex ecosystem?

What does complex mean in ecosystem?

Complexity may be defined, following May (1973), using the notion of ‘degree of connectedness’: ecosystems whose species are richly interconnected are more complex than sparsely connected ones.

Why are complex ecosystems more stable?

The reason greater stability is found in complex ecosystems is that with more complex interactions, the ability of organisms to deal with disturbances increases. … A food web depicts various ways in which organisms eat other organisms and obtain energy for their survival.

Why is ecosystem a complex system?

An ecosystem is a complex system composed of organisms living in a given habitat. … In an ecosystem, the biotic components that inhabit it and the abiotic ones establish a set of relationships with each other that characterise the ecosystem itself and bring it to a temporarily “balanced” state.

What are complex relationships in ecosystems?

Interrelationships between living organisms and their environment are complex and interdependent. All organisms are part of complex food webs that include both plants and animals. The predator-prey inter-relationship is common.

What do you think is more stable a simple or a complex ecosystem?

ECOLOGISTS have generally held that a complex ecosystem is more likely to be stable than is a simpler one. … The reason for connecting stability and complexity seems rather to have been the observation that large scale population oscillations are much more common in simple ecosystems than in complex ones2,3.

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