What is the main cause of diminishing Endangered Wildlife number?

What is the major cause of reduction in number of wild life?

Complete answer: Habitat loss and fragmentation is the major cause of the decreasing number of wildlife population. The area where the maximum loss of habitat happening is in the tropical rainforests. These areas covered a major portion of the earth’s surface, but now they have diminished to an alarming proportion.

What are the 3 main causes of animal endangerment?

What Are the Causes of Animals Becoming Endangered?

  • Loss of Habitat. One of the most significant causes of endangered animals is habitat loss. …
  • Invasive Species. Invasive species are one of the key biotic reasons for animals being endangered. …
  • Overexploitation of Resources. …
  • Pathogens and Disease. …
  • Environmental Pollution.

Why are animal numbers decreasing?

The most important direct driver for loss of biodiversity is land-use change, particularly the conversion of pristine native habitats, like forests, grasslands, and mangroves, into agricultural systems.

What are the causes of wildlife depletion in India?

Causes of Extinction of Wildlife

  • Degradation of ecosystem.
  • Loss of habitat.
  • Loss of mobility.
  • Limitation of expansion of vegetation.
  • International trade. The trade of some items of wild origin such as animals fur, bones, tusks, musk or as orchids, medicinal plants resulted in the decline of wild animals and plants.
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What are the main causes of increasing endangered in the Philippines?

But after decades of habitat loss due to the expansion of monocrop plantations, logging, resource extraction such as mining, an human exploding population and increasingly-destructive weather patterns brought on by climate change, Jayson Ibanez, Research Director for the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) tallies its …