What is the most biodiverse river in the world?

What is the most biodiverse river?

The Cahaba River is one of the most biodiverse waterways on Earth. It has more species of fish than any other river of its size in North America.It supports 139 rare and imperiled species,including ten fish and mussel species listed under the US Endangered Species Act.

Which river has over 50 species of fish?

Ngao River, ThailandIt may run through a region riven by conflict, but western Thailand’s Ngao River, near the troubled border with Myanmar, is a peaceful haven to the more than 50 species of fish living in it.

Do rivers have high biodiversity?

River systems are the zone of Earth’s highest biological diversity – and also of our most intense human activity. Freshwater biodiversity is in a state of crisis, a consequence of decades of humans exploiting rivers with large dams, water diversions and pollution.

Is Alabama the most biodiverse state?

A 2002 report by The Nature Conservancy ranked Alabama No. 5 behind California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but Ebersole said deliberate research in recent years to catalog Alabama’s plant and animal species proves Alabama is the most biodiverse state.

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What is the cleanest river in Tennessee?

1. Big South Fork. Although technically a part of the Cumberland, the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area has earned the right to its own section on the list of cleanest rivers in Tennessee.

Are there trout in the Cahaba River?

Coosa, Tallapoosa & Cahaba Rivers

Sometimes referred to as the “Bama Brook Trout,” these fish sport vivid blue coloration around the throat and gills and a “chrome” eyelid. Pound for pound they’re some of the hardest fighting fish you’ll encounter in any Southern stream.

How biodiverse is the ocean?

The world’s oceans contain somewhere between 500,000 and 10 million marine species. bacteria, other microbes and viruses. Much of the biodiversity in the ocean, particularly in the deep sea and in the microbial ocean, is unknown, and up to 2,000 new species are described per year.

Which habitat has high biodiversity?

Species richness is greatest in tropical ecosystems. Tropical rain forests on land and coral reefs in marine systems are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and have become the focus of popular attention.

Can you swim in Duck River Tennessee?

The Duck River is a prime spot for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, as well as swimming.

Can you swim in the Cumberland River?

It is definitely not safe to swim in the Cumberland River. Sometimes, it is possible to swim in one of the lakes, but even that is becoming rarer and harder to do, because the lakeside parks that have little beaches are less accessible than they used to be.

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