What is the role of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972?

What are the main features of Wildlife Protection Act 1972?

It provides for setting up of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, etc. It provides for the constitution of Central Zoo Authority. It provides for trade and commerce in some wildlife species with a license for sale, possession, transfer, etc. It imposes a ban on the trade or commerce in scheduled animals.

Which of the following is the role of the Wild Life Protection Act?

The “Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972” was enacted by the Parliament of India in order to conserve animals, birds, plants and the matters connected there with in 1972.

What does the Wildlife Protection Act protect?

The Wildlife Protection Act’s main goal is to rescue the over one hundred globally threatened species in Belize from local extinction. The National List of Critical Native Species includes 11 Critically Endangered Species, 31 Endangered Species and 63 Vulnerable Species.

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Why is the Wildlife Protection Act important?

Wildlife Protection Act prohibits hunting of endangered species and safeguard animals and birds that are in danger. … Wildlife Protection Act 1972 has helped increase the number of National Parks in our country.

What are the objectives of Wildlife Protection Act when was Wildlife Protection Act implemented write its?

The Indian Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in 1972. The main objective of this act is that to protect wild plants and wild animals. According to the Indian Wildlife protection act, the hunting and harming of wild animals are strictly prohibited.

Which of the following is have been provided for in the Wildlife Protection Act 1972?

Both National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries have been provided for in the Wildlife (Protection ) Act, 1972. The Act provides for four type of protected areas viz. Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves.

What are the provisions in Wildlife Protection Act 1972 pertaining to an area as a national park and sanctuary which activities may be permitted or prohibited in such areas?

This act provides the provisions regarding the protection of Wildlife.

  • Introduction.
  • Sanctuaries.
  • Declaration of the sanctuary.
  • Collectors. Collector to determine rights. …
  • Acquisition of rights. Acquisition proceedings. …
  • Protection of Sanctuaries. …
  • Control of sanctuaries.
  • Immunization of live-stock.

What is wildlife protection act species protected under various schedules of this act?

The species are granted protection from poaching, killing, trading etc. A person is liable to the harshest penalties for violation of the law under this Schedule. Species under this Schedule are prohibited to be hunted throughout India, except under threat to human life or in case of a disease that is beyond recovery.

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Is killing a snake illegal in India?

Are snakes protected under laws in India? Yes, snakes are protected as wild animals under various schedules of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. Illegal hunting and possession of such protected snakes/ its body parts / venom are punishable offenses under the Act.