What percentage of biodiversity is in Central America alone?

What is the biodiversity of Central America?

Experts have identified Central America as a biodiversity hotspots because within its borders live 7% of the world’s plant and animal life.

The Most Biodiverse Countries Of Central America.

Country Costa Rica
Reptile species 258
Total terrestrial vertebrate species 1511
Vascular plants species 12119
Biodiversity 13630

Why are the majority of Central Americas people concentrated in the central highland?

why are the majority of Central America’s people concentrated in the central highlands? fertile soil due to volcanoes. what factors attracted people to settle in the highlands? cool climate, adequate rainfall, and rich natural resources.

What ecosystems are found in Central America?

The bioregion lies in the tropics, and is home to tropical moist broadleaf forests, tropical dry broadleaf forests, and tropical coniferous forests. The higher mountains are home to cool-climate montane forests, grasslands and shrublands. Central America connects North America to South America.

Why is biodiversity protection important in Central America?

Why is biodiversity protection so important in Central America? to save rainforests;species that live in them; protect livelihoods of ppl who rely on the rainforest. How are south americas rivers important for economic development? transportation, irrigation necessary for agriculture.

Why is Latin America so diverse?

That is due to the presence of Spain, Portugal and other powers in the region, where by the sixteen century the European culture, customs and government became ‘the way’, along with the Roman Catholic Church. …

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