What type of climate is required for the cultivation of wheat name any four important wheat producing states in India?

What type of climate is required for the cultivation of wheat name any four?

Wheat is primarily a crop of mid-latitude grasslands and requires a cool climate with moderate rainfall. The ideal wheat climate has winter temperature 10° to 15°C and summer temperature varying from 21°C to 26°C.

What are the climatic conditions required for the cultivation of wheat?

Climatic conditions that are required for the wheat cultivation : Wheat requires cold and moist climate during sowing period. During ripening period, it requires warm (21° to 24° C) and dry climate. If we talk about rainfall, wheat requires or we can say needs 50 to 75 cm of rainfall.

What type of climate does wheat grow?

Wheat crop has wide adaptability. It can be grown not only in the tropical and sub-tropical zones, but also in the temperate zone and the cold tracts of the far north ,beyond even the 60 degree north altitude . Wheat can tolerate severe cold and snow and resume growth with the setting in of warm weather in spring .

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What type of climate is required for the growing of wheat and rice?

Geographical Conditions of Growth:

It is a crop of temperate climate. The ideal temperature for its cultivation is about 15°-20°C and requires a moderate amount of rainfall of 25-75 cms.

What are the climatic requirements?

Descriptions of climatic requirements are presented for 21 species in terms of mean annual rainfall, rainfall seasonality, dry season length, mean maximum temperature of the hottest month, mean minimum temperature of the coldest month, absolute minimum temperature and mean annual temperature.

Which type of climate is needed for cultivation of cotton plants?

Cotton Plant Climate Requirements

It prefers warm and humid climate. Cotton seeds will have a small germination rate, if the soil temperature is below 60°F (15°C). During active growth, the ideal air temperature is 70 to 100°F (21-37°C). Temperatures well above 100°F are not desirable.

Can wheat grow in tropical climate?

Wheat cannot be produced in tropical lowlands,” he added. … Mozambique, Angola and Zimbabwe were least suited to wheat in rain-fed areas, it said. Zimbabwe, however, is one of the most productive of the wheat-growing nations in Africa but depends heavily on irrigation.

What type of climate is required to grow the crop?

(i) Temperature : Cool and moist weather during growth, and warm and dry climate during ripening is needed. (ii) Rainfall : 50-75 cm rainfall is required. Rainfall is necessary and beneficial, 15 days after sowing, and 15 days before ripening. A few light winter showers or assured irrigation ensures a bumper harvest.

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What type of soil temperature and rainfall is required for cultivation of wheat?

wheat- soil type- loamy soil is required. temperature- the ideal temperature for wheat at the time of sowing is 10°- 15°C at the time of harvesting is 20°- 25°C. rainfall- it grows well in 75-100 cm of rainfall.