Which countries are environmentally conscious?

Which top 3 countries are the most eco-friendly?

The 2018 report placed Switzerland, France, and Denmark at the very top of eco-friendly behavior. These countries give the rest of the world something to observe, as the highest score awarded by the EPI is only 87.42/100. There’s always room for improvement.

What is the most sustainable country in the world 2021?


Rank Country Score
1 Finland 85.90
2 Sweden 85.61
3 Denmark 84.86
4 Germany 82.48

What country is worst for the environment?


Rank Country EPI score
1 Switzerland 87.42
2 France 83.95
3 Denmark 81.60
4 Malta 80.90

Is New Zealand sustainable?

But it’s not only in conservation that New Zealand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. … Producing just 0.2% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, New Zealand was one of the first countries to pledge a carbon-neutral future.

Why is Germany so environmentally friendly?

In its Energy Concept, for example, Germany has formulated guidelines for an environmentally sound, reliable and affordable energy supply. The key elements of this are expanding the use of renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency.

Why is Denmark so environmentally friendly?

For hundreds of years, Denmark was a society based on agriculture and fishing, and Danes still feel closely tied to the land and the water around them. This respect for nature is why Denmark is a pioneer in promoting sustainability.

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Why is Sweden so sustainable?

Sweden is the most sustainable country in the world, a ranking it earned for its use of renewable energy sources and low carbon dioxide emissions, as well as social and governance practices such as labor participation, education and institutional framework, according to a report by sustainability investment firm …