Which is the burning of non biodegradable solid waste?

What are used for burning solid waste?

hazardous waste management

Special types of thermal equipment are used for burning waste in either solid, liquid, or sludge form. These include the fluidized-bed incinerator, multiple-hearth furnace, rotary kiln, and liquid-injection incinerator.

Why the burning of solid waste is not recommended?

2. Why burning waste is not an acceptable practice of solid waste management? Explanation: Burning waste is not an acceptable practice, because if we look into environmental or health prospective burning waste creates lots of pollution and it is harmful to both environment and as well as organisms.

Which of the following is biodegradable waste?

Like plastics, glasses, metals, organic waste, chemical waste etc. Biodegradable – Substances that are broken down by biological processes (with the help of some bacterias) are said to be biodegradable. Ex- paper, food products, cotton, cow dung, organic waste etc.

Which is an example for non-biodegradable waste?

Glass, metals, electronic devices, computer parts, batteries, medical waste, plastic bags, plastic bottles, tetra packs, and carbon paper are a few examples of non- biodegradable materials.

What is non-biodegradable?

: not capable of being broken down by the action of living organisms : not biodegradable nonbiodegradable packaging.

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Which of these is non-biodegradable?

Examples of non-biodegradable wastes are plastics, glasses, metals, toxic chemicals, toxins, plastic products like plastic bags, grocery bags, plastic containers, and plastic water bottles are also non-biodegradable. So the answer is option D ‘Polythene’.

Which waste Cannot be burnt?

Some things YOU CANNOT incinerate: Activated carbon. Agrochemicals. Animal fat.

Which of the following is not the municipal solid waste?

Which of the following is not the municipal solid waste? Explanation: Rubbish, food waste and food waste are municipal solid waste, whereas radioactive substances are industrial waste. 11.

What are the examples of solid waste?

Examples of solid wastes include the following materials when discarded:

  • waste tires.
  • septage.
  • scrap metal.
  • latex paints.
  • furniture and toys.
  • garbage.
  • appliances and vehicles.
  • oil and anti-freeze.