Which of the following is not a terrestrial habitat i soil II tree III Ocean IV desert?

Which of the following is not a terrestrial habitat?

(d) tundra. A terrestrial habit means a habit on land. Fresh water is an aquatic habit, and is therefore not terrestrial.

Which of the following is not terrestrial habitat soil tree ocean desert?

Ocean is not a terristrial habitat. It is an aquatic habitat. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU.

Which of these is not a terrestrial plant?

Answer is (b) Hydrilla.

Which of the following is a terrestrial habitat?

Terrestrial habitats are ones that are found on land, like forests, grasslands, deserts, shorelines, and wetlands. Terrestrial habitats also include man made habitats, like farms, towns, and cities, and habitats that are under the earth, like caves and mines.

Which is not an example of terrestrial ecosystem?

Aquatic, marine, and wetlands constitute the non-terrestrial ecosystems, while the major terrestrial ecosystems include desert, forest, grassland, mountain and polar.

Which of the following is not an example of the terrestrial ecosystem?

Six primary terrestrial ecosystems exist: tundra, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, grassland, deserts. An ecosystem is not limited by size. For instance, a fish tank and a lake are both examples of an ecosystem. But they are not examples of terrestrial ecosystem as they don’t occur on land.

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Which of the following are terrestrial habitat habitat a desert B Mountain c Ocean?


Terrestrial habitat Aquatic habitat
It includes habitat of all organisms that live and propagate on land. It includes habitat of organisms that live and propagate in water.
It is of three types: desert, grassland, and mountains and polar. It is of two types: freshwater and marine.

Which of these is not habitat?

Answer: zoo is not the natural habitat.

What are the 5 terrestrial plants?

Examples of these types of plants include Syngonium, Philodendron, Adiantum, Aglaodorum, Aglaonema, Cordyline, Ophiopogon and Physostegia. These and other examples of terrestrial plants that are commonly sold as aquarium plants are given below.

Which of these plant is terrestrial?

Terrestrial invasive plants include trees, shrubs, vines, grasses and herbaceous plants.