Which of the following is true regarding the purpose of ecologically sensitive zone?

What is the purpose of eco-sensitive zone?

The purpose of declaring ESZs is to create some kind of “shock absorbers” to the protected areas by regulating and managing the activities around such areas. They also act as a transition zone from areas of high protection to areas involving lesser protection.

What is the meaning of ecologically sensitive?

1 rare Of an organism or biological trait: influenced by a particular environment or habitat. 2Vulnerable to environmental damage or destruction; ecologically fragile. 3Characterized by awareness of environmental issues; environmentally friendly.

Which statement is the most correct regarding eco-sensitive ecosystems?

The correct answer is Neither 1 nor 2. Eco-sensitive zones are ecologically Fragile Areas are areas within 10 km around protected areas to act as a buffer. They are notified under section 3 of the Environment Protection Act 1986 by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Which landforms are ecologically sensitive areas?

We plan to create the environmental planning for the ecologically sensitive area, such as Sand Dunes, Mudflats, National parks, marine parks, sanctuaries, reserve forests, wildlife habitats and other protected areas including Biosphere Reserves, Salt Marshes, Turtle nesting grounds, Horse shoe crabs habitats, Sea grass …

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What do you mean by MOEF guidelines explain its purpose?

The basic aim of the guidelines is to regulate certain activities around protected areas so as to minimise the negative impacts of such activities (like mining, power projects) on the fragile ecosystem encompassing the protected areas.

Which of the following areas along Uttarakhand has been declared as eco-sensitive zone?

The Uttarakhand government has proposed to declare three eco-sensitive zones (ESZs) – Binog (Mussoorie) Wildlife Sanctuary, Valley of Flowers National Park and Nandhore Wildlife Sanctuary – in the state.

What is the full form of MoEFCC?

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India’s environmental and forestry policies and programmes. … Protection of the environment and.

How many eco-sensitive zones are there in India?

In the previous year, around 40 sanctuaries and national parks were declared as ‘eco-sensitive zones’. At present there are over 600 sanctuaries and national parks in the country, the official added.

What is ecological fragile land?

(b) “ecologically fragile lands” means,- (i) any forest land or any portion thereof held by any person and lying contiguous to or encircled by a reserved forest or a vested forest or any other forest land owned by the Government and predominantly supporting natural vegetation, and.

Are deserts ecologically sensitive areas?

Deserts are vitally important to the planetary ecosystem. They cover approximately 1/3 of the dry land of our planet (3, p1). They are also amongst the most fragile and endangered biomes.

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