Which of the following refers to qualification criteria for environmental auditors?

What are the guidelines for environmental auditing qualification criteria for environmental auditors?

Detailed Solution. ISO 14012: 1992 provide guidelines for Environmental Auditing (EA) – Qualification criteria for environmental Auditors. ISO 14000 provide guidelines on principles, Systems and Supporting techniques. ISO 14013 provide guidelines on management of Environmental Audit programs.

What are the essential qualities of an environmental auditor?

What are the qualities of a good auditor?

  • They show integrity. …
  • They are effective communicators. …
  • They are good with technology. …
  • They are good at building collaborative relationships. …
  • They are always learning. …
  • They leverage data analytics. …
  • They are innovative. …
  • They are team orientated.

How do you become an environmental auditor?

The qualifications to become an environmental auditor are either a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, environmental engineering, or natural resource management or several years of experience working in the environmental compliance industry.

Which of the following agency gives certification to environmental auditors?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has produced a series of standards in the field of environmental auditing.

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Is guidelines for auditing procedure?

ISO 19011 offers guidance on every step of auditing a management system or audit program, including:

  • Defining program objectives. Ensuring you understand the specific objectives you hope to achieve. …
  • Completing the audits needed. Planning and reviewing internal documents. …
  • Reviewing the results and process.

Which of the following pair of ISO 14000 standards fall under the category of life cycle assessment?

Explanation: ISO 14040 and ISO 14041 are the pair of ISO 14000 standards that fall under the category of Life Cycle Assessment.

What are the quality and qualification of an auditor?

He/she must have complete knowledge of general accounts, income tax, cost accounting etc. He/she should be aware of the latest development of the technique of accounting. He/she should not pass any transaction unless he/she knows that it is correct.

Who is an auditor identify the qualities and qualifications required by an auditor?

He should be quite familiar with the company and mercantile laws and must be complete master of the principles of auditing. He must be tactful and scrupulously honest. He must not certify what he does not believe to be true, and he must take reasonable care and skill before he believes what he certifies is true.

How do you become a certified environmental professional?

The Applicant must possess a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of nine years of applicable professional environmental experience. Five of the nine years must be in a position of responsible charge and/or responsible supervision.

What is the role of an environmental auditor?

Environmental auditors assess the environmental operations and procedures for businesses, governments, or utility companies. They are responsible for making sure the environmental standards are being met by the business and detecting existing compliance problems or environmental management deficiencies.

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What is CEA certification?

CEA – Certified Environmental AuditorSM is a specialty certification program intended for professionals conducting environmental compliance and risk audits of operating facilities, related equipment and on-going procedures. This certification is recognized by the U.S. Air Force.