Why different ecosystems have different productivity?

Why Some ecosystems are more productive than others?

Why are some ecosystems or biomes more productive than others? Tropical rainforest: High productive rate because warm temp is ideal for photosynthesis, and high global productivity. Open oceans: Low rates of production, but ALOT of global productivity. … We depend on ecosystems for goods and services.

What determines ecosystem productivity?

In ecology, the term productivity refers to the rate of generation of biomass in an ecosystem, usually expressed in units of mass per volume (unit surface) per unit of time, such as grams per square metre per day (g m2 d1). The unit of mass can relate to dry matter or to the mass of generated carbon.

Are all ecosystems equally productive?

When are all the ecosystems equally productive? All the ecosystems are equally productive under drought conditions. According to researches, under drought conditions, the tropical forests can use water as efficiently as deserts.

What are the different productivity ecosystems?

According to Odum there are three types of productivities – primary productivity, secondary productivity and community productivity.

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Are some ecosystems more productive than others?

Summary: Ecosystems containing several species are more productive than individual species on their own.

Why different ecosystem have different productivity What are the factors which affect productivity in the ecosystem?

Net primary productivity varies among ecosystems and depends on many factors. These include solar energy input, temperature and moisture levels, carbon dioxide levels, nutrient availability, and community interactions (e.g., grazing by herbivores) 2.

Which ecosystem is less productive?

Least productive ecosystem is desert and deep lake.

Which ecosystem has highest productivity?

In terrestrial ecosystems, tropical rainforests have the highest productivity.

Which ecosystem has highest productivity Upsc?

Tropical rainforest have highest primary productivity and is least in desert.

Why is net primary productivity important?

Net primary production provides the energy for all heterotrophic activity. Consumers capture the energy stored within the organic molecules of their food sources. Therefore, each trophic level acquires the energy represented by the biomass consumed from the lower trophic level.

How does species diversity affect ecosystem productivity?

Increasing species diversity can influence ecosystem functions — such as productivity — by increasing the likelihood that species will use complementary resources and can also increase the likelihood that a particularly productive or efficient species is present in the community.