What is solid waste generation ratio per day in India?

How much solid waste is generated in India per day?

About 0.1 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated in India every day. That is approximately 36.5 million tonnes annually. Per capita waste generation in major Indian cities ranges from 0.2 Kg to 0.6 Kg.

How much average of solid waste person produce daily?

In metro cities in India, an individual produces an average of 0.8 kg/ waste/ person daily. The total muicipal solid waste (MSW) generated in urban India has been estimated at 68.8 million tons per year (TPY) (0.573 million metric tonnes per day (MMT/d) in the year 2008).

What is the per capita per person per day waste generation in India?

Municipal solid waste (MSW) generation rate in India varies from 0.17 kg per person per day in small towns to 0.65 kg per person per day in major cities [2].

What is solid waste generation rate?

Solid waste generation rate is the amount of waste joining. the waste stream from human activities per specified time.

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How much waste is generated every day?

The total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018 was 292.4 million tons (U.S. short tons, unless specified) or 4.9 pounds per person per day. Of the MSW generated, approximately 69 million tons were recycled and 25 million tons were composted.

How much solid waste is generated in India per year?

India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year. About 43 million tonnes (70%) are collected of which about 12 million tonnes are treated and 31 million tonnes are dumped in landfill sites.

How much waste does India recycle?

As per Material Recycling Association (MRAI) India’s recycling rates stands at 30%. The data associated with this recycling rate is largely dominated by highly recyclable materials such as ferrous & non-ferrous scrap, paper, rubber, and tyre etc. Recycling of materials such as plastics is not very well documented.

How do you calculate generation of solid waste?

The product of the determined total number of containers, their volumes, and the average density of the solid waste, divided by the product of the determined average number of days required to fill a container and the population of the study area, gave the per capita generation rate.

How much municipal solid waste does urban India generate every day?

In India, the volume of waste generation has been increasing rapidly over the last few years. According to the “Swachhata Sandesh Newsletter” by the MoHUA, as of January 2020, 147,613 metric tonnes (MT) of solid waste is generated per day, from 84,475 wards (See Table 2).

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How much waste is generated in Mumbai per day?

Mumbai generates waste to the tune of approximately 7,025tonnes per day. The waste consists of: • 5,025tonnes of mixed waste (bio-degradable and recyclable) • 2,000tonnes of debris and silt.